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Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 


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Now, Chris's story!

November 29, 2020

As I start this, I am three weeks from release. I have had visits from the administration to sign different forms and to sign up for the different programs that I will be enrolled in upon release. For example I filled out the forms for veterans healthcare. This made going home a reality for me.

Next, I was given my conditions for probation. My probation officer has made the home visit and approved my residence. Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!

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Start Here

Too often...

... we hear of charities and nonprofits and the good they do. But rarely do we know their story, or from where they came. But like all organizations big and small, their missions began with someone's desire to help: a need left unmet. An environmental hazard deserving of a hero. A population on the brink of societal abandonment.

This blog is the journaled "telling" of Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities and its founder Chris Tingirides, beginning at the moment he realized that his long long prison sentence had suddenly become very very short. Thank you for reading, and welcome.

--Mike Allison, Co-founder

9 Mar 2020

It's coming together 

If you're reading this now that means you've taken a look around our new website. EMRC has a lot going on and we want everyone to know. Please check out our mission statement, then jump over to Eagle Mountain Consortium where you can learn more about our plans for the future, and the transport and energy companies we've started to help in the building and support of our community. Use the contact form if you have questions.

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