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Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 


Which Churches Allow 290 Registrants to attend their services.


This section will be dedicated to informing registrants which churches will allow a "Registered Sex Offender" to attend their services. It is sad but true that there are some churches out there who have made the decision to ban all registrants from being on their property. This is regardless of how long ago the offense was or whether it was violent or nonviolent. 

We will conduct interviews with churches and allow them to post their policy here.

Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, California

In May of 2021 Saddleback Church implemented a policy that excludes all 290 registrants from stepping foot on any of their properties. This includes attending any services, and even Celebrate Recovery. Saddleback has indicated that they are working on an escort program where registrants will be escorted onto and off of their property. They have admitted that they have no implementation date for this program.

Cross Pointe Church, Anaheim, California

Cross Pointe Church is open to all. Their position is that your relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than your past. Cross Pointe also has Celebrate Recovery.
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