Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 

Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 


Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Every organization has them...

...A trio of written guideposts that show the world just what it is, who it serves, and where it places itself on the moral spectrum.

Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities is no different. In fact, we find it refreshing to have this combination of mission, vision, and values statements available for us to live and work by; a sort of road map for us to reference on our journey to help others in God's name. 

Please use the contact form for any questions, comments or concerns you might have about us or our mission, vision or values statements. Thanks. 


Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities is a faith-based community where disadvantaged people live in a clean and sober lifestyle with Celebrate Recovery at its core. Our community improves the quality of life for vulnerable populations, including registrants. Eagle Mountain recovery communities offers job training, "returning citizen" reintegration classes, and counseling.


Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities envisions a place where those seeking a "new chance" in life can go for housing, job training, recovery management; a place to aid in dealing with their hurts, habits, and hangups. 

Through the world renowned faith-based program, Celebrate Recovery, our participants can learn to become productive members of society.


  • Recovery is key. We recognize this fundamental element at change for good. While we declare that God is the cornerstone of our faith, we place recovery as the keystone of our program.
  • We believe that sobriety, moral character, and Christian values are necessary ingredients for the environment in which we operate, and we choose always to keep them at eye level in our day-to-day lives.
  • We insist that discrimination has no power to define a person; that the past is just that, and so long as we make the present good, the past will take care of itself.