Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 

Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities 


E.M.R.C. exists to give our clients a safe place to live, learn, and grow. Learn more here.

Where do men and women go after they leave prison?

Too often, the answer is "nowhere". More specifically, "somewhere besides where they need to be". It's true. When our men and women leave prison after decades of living behind bars, resources dwindle and family relationships thin. 

These people, now called "Returning Citizens", very often become homeless or, worse, return to victimuzing others in an effort to survive. Their path forward is then cleared...all the way back to prison.

The situation is unnaccetable.

We are EMRC, and we're here to help

The founder and principals at Eagle Mountain Consortium have over 160 years of knowledge and experience between them, giving life to their vision of creating safe and forward-thinking communities for our most vulnerable of all vulnerable populations: our returning citizens. 

Training drivers for the next generation of electric trucks.

Through the careful planning and execution of plans 10 years in the making, Eagle Mountain Recovery Communities was conjured into reality; supported by a sustainable transportation and energy production companies that, together, are paving the way for returning citizens everywhere to have high-paying careers that make a difference

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